Scouting should be fun and enjoyable for all members; young people and adult volunteers. Ensuring everyone understands what is acceptable behaviour and what behaviour is unacceptable will help everyone have a great Scouting experience whilst a member at 8th Worthing.

To help ensure a consistent approach to managing behaviour in all our sections, the Group has a Disciplinary Code.

The code has two stages:

First Stage – Section codes of conduct
All sections will operate a code of conduct that they feel is appropriate for their particular section. This code should be put together with the involvement of the young people in the section and reviewed as part of the section programme (usually annually). Young people and parents may be asked to formally sign up to the code.

Second Stage – Group disciplinary procedure
This is the Group’s formal disciplinary procedure and is common across all sections. The Disciplinary Code outlines the procedure that will be followed for any incidents involving violent, threatening or abusive behaviour towards other members and deliberate acts that put adults or young people at serious risk of harm.

Where appropriate a young person may be excluded for a specified period or be required to leave the Group.